What is an Independent Physical Therapy Group?

Sep 13, 2023
Not every physical therapy practice is the same. One of the major differences between physical therapists is that some are part of a larger corporate medical group and others are independent.

What is an Independent Physical Therapy Group?

Not every physical therapy practice is the same. One of the major differences between physical therapists is that some are part of a larger corporate medical group and others are independent. An independent physical therapy group is owned and operated by the physical therapists themselves and their own in-house self-hired support staff.

Independent physical therapy clinics are able to offer distinct advantages over the larger, corporately owned practices.

Benefits of Receiving Treatment From an Independent PT Group

As a patient in need of physical therapy due to an injury, chronic pain, surgery, or some other condition, seeking treatment from an independent physical therapy group has many benefits, such as:

Get treatment sooner.

You will likely find that you can get an appointment much faster at a private PT practice than through a larger medical group. There are less steps along the way to getting a consultation and then starting treatment.

All services are in-house.

An independent PT practice houses all of its operations under one roof in most cases. This means that when you call to make an appointment, you are speaking directly to someone at the office you will be visiting for treatment, not a call center somewhere else entirely. You also pay for your services at the same location where you go for appointments.

Receive individualized treatment.

All physical therapy programs are designed around the patient and their specific needs. However, a corporate PT practice will have more regulations, rules, and limitations in the type of services they are able to offer. A private PT practice can establish their own policies and offer more progressive treatment programs.

Specialized Treatment Programs Offered by Independent Physical Therapy Groups

There are a variety of specialized PT programs that may be offered by an independent physical therapist, including:

Sports Physical Therapy.

Many people seeking physical therapy are athletes who have suffered injuries. Recovering from a serious injury can take months, but with physical therapy there is a higher chance of making a full recovery and returning to your sport sooner and with greater ability than you had before. Independent physical therapy groups that specialize in sports PT can provide the right treatment program to accelerate your recovery.

Peak Performance Physical Therapy.

Related to sports physical therapy, peak performance PT aims to do more than just help you to return to your previous level of ability. Peak performance takes you further and helps you go reach new heights in your athletic ability. You won’t be like you were before you were injured; you will be even better!

Suspension Therapy.

A revolutionary new strategy in physical therapy is suspension therapy. Suspension therapy involves a series of hanging slings that support various parts of the body to suspend you up off the ground or table. Suspension takes the pressure off of some parts of the body so that therapy can focus on a specific part of the body. This new, cutting edge therapy is not available everywhere, but only at certain independent physical therapy clinics.

Pain Management.

A universal goal of physical therapy is pain management. An independent physical therapist that specializes in pain relief can help you manage your pain more effectively. Physical therapy for pain can include:

  • Foot pain relief
  • Ankle pain relief
  • Back pain relief
  • Shoulder pain relief
  • Neck pain relief
  • Hip pain relief

Manhattan Physical Therapy Operates as an Independent Group in New York, NY

If you’re looking for a physical therapist in New York, NY, Manhattan Physical Therapy is an independent group of therapists offering a range of services from sports therapy to pain management. Manhattan Physical Therapy is a pioneer in suspension therapy, bringing this cutting edge strategy to the greater New York metro area and making it accessible to more patients. 

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