Physical Therapy for Pregnancy Pain

Sep 13, 2023
Pregnancy puts your body through innumerable changes, and it is extremely normal to experience various aches and pains

Physical Therapy for Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy puts your body through innumerable changes, and it is extremely normal to experience various aches and pains. Lower back, pelvic, and hip pain are especially common during the third trimester, as the weight of the baby combines with pregnancy hormones to loosen your ligaments and shift your center of gravity.

Pregnancy can also lead to nerve compression problems, tendinitis, circulatory issues, abdominal pain, foot and ankle pain, morning sickness, and more. Fortunately, physical therapy is an excellent way to manage your physical discomfort and remain active throughout your pregnancy. Here is what you should know. 

Safe Treatments During Pregnancy

Tell your physical therapist that you are pregnant, as certain treatments should never be used during pregnancy. For the most part, though, physical therapy is considered safe and effective throughout a normal, healthy pregnancy. Check with your obstetrician before you begin in case there are any specific restrictions based on your unique pregnancy.

Stabilization exercises for the core and pelvic floor muscles are at the heart of pregnancy physical therapy. These muscles help to stabilize your lower back and pelvis during movement, and strengthening them can dramatically reduce pregnancy pain. We may recommend that you wear an SI (sacroiliac) belt to provide additional stabilization as your baby grows, especially if your muscles are very weak or you are carrying multiples. In addition, we will create a customized treatment plan based on any other pregnancy symptoms you have.

Post-Pregnancy Treatments

Having a baby leaves the core and pelvic floor muscles weak. We can help you get back your strength and range of motion with a targeted physical therapy program. With a combination of in-office and at-home treatments, you can heal faster and get back into shape sooner than would otherwise be possible. Some women simply want to stop feeling achy, some want their pre-baby body back, and some want to return to intense athletic training as quickly as they can. We will design a customized plan that meets your needs and goals.

The stronger your body is during pregnancy, the more quickly and easily you will heal after giving birth. You will also experience a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy that allows you to continue to enjoy your regular activities. While some aches and pains are normal, there is no reason for pregnancy pain to stop you in your tracks.

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